Promosi Cuckoo Dari Julai 2020 Hingga September 2020

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Ini adalah promosi Cuckoo dari Julai 2020 hingga September 2020


1. Pembelian cash AP/Inductrio/Inductwo dapat free 2 years service & warranty dll
2. Pembelian cash water purifier dapat 3 years service & warranty dll
3. Pembelian cash Inductrio/Inductwo – free 2 set stainless steel Kyndell cookware
4. Prime X1 trade-in WP discount RM800
5. Pembelian cash AP Good deal free Max Blender worth RM1500
6. Fantastic 2020 (Free 5 years service & warranty) – for King Stand and Jazz


1. Good combo (WP + AP) / (WP + Induction) / (AP + Induction) free WonderKlean disinfect service worth RM300
2. P10 waived RM200 RPF if payment existing product cun 3 bulan
3. Prime X1 good plan (RPF waived + free timer)

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