The pillar of strength
From your laundry to your garden, enjoy purified water in all that you do at home with an outdoor filter unlike any other in Malaysia.

From the 1st Research & Development Initiative between CUCKOO Korea and CUCKOO Malaysia.

1. PVDF Filter
-Superior elasticity
-Excellent hydrophilicity
2. Royal Out-to-In Filtration System
-High filtration effectiveness
-High-speed filtration
3. Auto-flush Function
(Auto Flush is only applicable with Auto Timer)
4. Seamless Full Stainless Steel Vessel


Model CUCKOO Prime X1
Filtration Type Hollow Fibre Ultra Filtration System
Filter Material PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
Housing Material Stainless Steel SS304 Food Grade Material
Filtration Capacity 2000L/H
Operating Pressure 20 – 60 psi
Operating Temperature 4 – 38 ℃
Inlet, Outlet, Flush Outlet Male 3/4“ Treaded
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